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7 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your LED Treatment Device

Getting more bang for your dollar is your goal in each buy. There are a lot of ways that you can find the maximum from your light treatment device, from blending it with various remedies to care for it correctly. 

Can You Use Your Light Therapy Device Too Much?

Despite other skincare treatments, light treatment reacts nicely to every day, multiple applications, and utilizing it more often than once each day will provide quicker results. For every treatment area, you ought to use your unit for the time the directions recommend, which fluctuates depending on the gadget. It’s possible to use your light treatment apparatus up to 3 times every day for the best results. 

Before you begin to use your light treatment device frequently, you must test your apparatus to ensure that your skin does not have a negative response. You can do this by analyzing the device in your forearm to get no longer than three minutes. When there’s no response after two hours, then you can proceed together with your light therapy apparatus frequently.

How Long Would You Use Your Light Therapy Apparatus For? 

Just how long you should use your light treatment device is based upon the kind of device. For acne and wrinkle loss light therapy apparatus, we urge 3 minutes for each treatment area. Pain recovery apparatus will be different between 14 and 25 minutes, depending upon the goal region and kind of device. The timing changes from 10-20 minutes for our dental health apparatus, depending upon the program. The main issue is reading the directions and reaching out to client support should you have any queries. The Way to Have the Most of Your Light Therapy Apparatus 

1. Track progress with before and after photographs

If you are using one of those skincare apparatuses, you can snap some pictures of your face until you light it up. We advocate a fresh, no-makeup appearance with a headshot and profile photographs for every side. Following four weeks of constant light treatment usage, repeat the photograph procedure.

Following 12 weeks of continuous use, take the next round of photographs, then compare the gaps. Take the picture in precisely the same region and at the same time daily for consistency on your photos. Since our lights are noninvasive and operate from the interior, changes to the skin like the fading of the diminishing of wrinkles might be slow. However, you will be pleased you monitored your progress because modifications are noticeable!

2. You are busy. 

How can a busy individual find the time to revive your skin? By placing a daily reminder. Set the alarm on your telephone to be sure that you’re getting in your daily skincare. Schedule those out light treatment sessions.

3. Be consistent

The light treatment works well constantly. The simplest way to utilize your light treatment apparatus would be to make it part of your regular task. 

If you are using acne or anti-aging treatment apparatus, make it part of your skincare regimen. If you are using a light therapy device for exercise recovery, then make it part of your pre-workout and post-workout routine. Utilizing your light therapy apparatus before exercising might help you prepare for exercising, while using your device after might help you recover from pain and discomfort quicker.  

4 Begin with a blank slate 

You’re utilizing a light therapy device in your face; beginning with a fresh look is vital for full efficacy. Cleanse skin thoroughly before operating your device, particularly if you’re wearing sunscreen or using a moisturizer, including sunscreen.  

5. Combine light therapy treatment with serums & extracts

If you are considering faster results, then there are many skincare products you can combine with your light therapy device to speed up this process, such as:

Vitamin C serum: Using Vitamin C serum with reddish light treatment can enhance your complexion and boost your radiance.

Retinol: While previously it was believed that retinol and LED light therapy should not be used simultaneously, today’s research shows you could combine retinol and red light treatment for maximum anti-aging advantages if performed in the correct order. You always need to use your light treatment device before applying your retinol product. That is critical to prevent any unexpected skin responses.

Other anti-aging creams or serums: Search for products with hyaluronic acid, peptides, or argan oil to unite with your light treatment apparatus.

Salicylic acid and BHAs: Beta hydroxy acids, or BHAs, are usually in lotions, ointments, or cleansers that treat and protect against acne. These products can work well with blue light treatment devices.

6. Use multiple times a day

Unlike other skincare routines, light treatment can be used multiple times every day. Provided that your skin indicates no weak sensitivity responses (sporadic) and your schedule permits it, fair treatment might be your best-kept secret for youthful, clean skin. Should you have to zap a zit pronto, then #getglowing with this light therapy and see it fade out of every treatment. Shine that light just as much as your soul desires.

7. Look after your apparatus 

Caring for your light treatment device ensures that you can make the very best of your investment in your light therapy products. While it might look obvious, you need to switch off your device while it isn’t being used and clean it correctly employing the apparatus directions. 

Light Therapy: Part of Your Everyday Routine

All our light treatment devices are designed to readily integrate into your daily wellness regimen, whether that is your morning skincare or your own post-workout recovery. It’s simple to get the most out of your light treatment device using it regularly, caring for it properly, and maximizing its efficacy by mixing it with other products that are recommended.

Experience the advantages of light therapy  

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