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single dental implants replace roots indiaZygomatic  Dental Implants

Zygoma implant is an option for those who lost their teeth and bones. For moreover, if you have been told that you are a not good candidate for conventional dental implants due to the high quantity of bones loss. also, the bone grafting is not an option. In that case, Zygoma dental implants could help you. implants have almost no limitations with a long-lasting solution. just alongside the upper jaw (maxilla).

this Implants, possible to solve the problem of severe maxillary atrophy in only one surgery. Today, zygomatic implants are usually placed using an instant loading protocol. This treatment is shorter and comfortable. because of bone grafting and sinus lift don’t need. Using CT scan technology, the surgeons at Replace Roots can find a precise location that your Zygomatic dental implant where should be placed.

At last, Now there is a revolutionary implant technique that eliminates the need for bone grafting or sinus augmentation.

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