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Approved Dental  Implant Centre, Jamnagar

Replace Roots Center stands the most reliable and preferred dental center in Jamnagar. Providing hi-quality comprehensive team-based multi-specialty dental treatment of international standards for More than 12 years. The clinic is one of the best and affordable dental clinics in Jamnagar for the dental implant. We use only the best implants to ensure maximum patient satisfaction.

Whether it is world-class music, state-of-the-art technology, the world’s most advanced treatment concepts, international standards, the best dental implants treatments in Jamnagar, or beautiful interiors, we make sure you enjoy the experience each time you visit our dental center.

About Clinic

Clinic Facilities

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Modern Equipment


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At our center at Jamnagar,  we pride ourselves on:

036-dentist-chairWhy Jamnagar  for Dental Implants?

Only Implants Oriented Approach

Our purpose-designed and custom-built clinic in Jamnagar lets us provide you elite facilities Implants in pleasant, comfortable surroundings.

Most skilled Implant Experts

All of the dentists at Replace Roots in Jamnagar are enthusiastic about their work and are committed to delivering you premium-quality dentistry.

Centrally Located

Find us quickly and easily. Replace Roots, is in the centre of Jamnagar in the intense city Area, within walking distance of near bus stop and other public transports.

Flexible Opening Hours

We are open six days a week, starting at 9:00 am each morning. We also offer late evening dates if you prefer to attend after work.

Latest Technology

We use the latest technology to provide your care, including digital imaging for picture-taking, X-Ray, and teeth shade range.

SMS and Email Appointment Reminders

We like to remind you about your dental dates via SMS and Email except, of course, you'd favor receiving a message or telephone call from us.

Sterilization and hygiene

Are of paramount importance at Replace Roots, Jamnagar. We are beset with cleanliness, have a dedicated decontamination room, and follow rigorous guidelines to ensure patient safety.

Valuable Staff

Our patients are our highest priority and we hope to win your trust and confidence.

dental implant svg indiaContact us at Jamnagar

phone - dentist- dental implants indiaPhone +91-288-2562675

teeth email - dental implants indiaEmail :  [email protected]

drill machine dental implant indiaThe benefit of having  dental implants Highlights


Simple Technique

Minimally Invasive

Immediate Load

procected teeth - dental implants indiaWhy implant treatment is  increasing in Jamnagar?

procected teeth - dental implants indiaDental Tourism in Jamnagar?

Jamnagar is a city in the western Indian state of Gujarat. On an island in Lakhota Lake, Lakhota Palace and Museum is a former fort that exhibits weapons, sculptures and pottery from the 9th to 18th centuries. At Bala Hanuman Temple, the Rama Naam prayer has been chanted continuously since 1964. To the northeast, the marshlands of Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary attract spotted deer, painted storks and migratory birds.

Top 13 Places To Visit In Jamnagar

  1. Swaminarayan Temple
  2. Marina National Park
  3. Lakhota Lake
  4. Pirotan Island
  5. Mota Ashapura Maa Temple
  6. Lakhota Fort
  7. Bet Dwarka
  8. Harsiddhi Temple
  9. Aradhana Dham
  10. Bhujiyo Kotho
  11. Bale Hanuman Temple
  12. Bhidbhanjan Temple
  13. Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary

040-tooth-18Our Innovation  in Dental Implants

Complete absence of teeth certainly takes a toll on a person’s self-esteem. Dental implants fuse to the jaw bone upon their placement and thereby look and act like your own natural teeth. Therefore, it is necessary to replace these missing teeth in order to restore their structure and function.

It basically consists of placing 4 to 8 implants per jaw and rehabilitating with implant supported prosthesis. Full mouth implant is the alternative solution to the traditional full mouth ill-fitting dentures or bridges. Implant supported bridges and dentures are much more comfortable and better than the traditional ones as they do not slip or slide away. 

They are stable, strong and last for a very long time without causing any complications. Unlike ill-fitting dentures which impair your speech, full mouth implants enable you to speak properly. Moreover, there are no food restrictions which enable you to eat your favorite food without causing any sort of pain or hindrance. They fuse with the underlying bone thus keeping it intact and preventing bone loss.

041-tooth-19Stages in Dental Implants

stages in dental implants

016-tooth-pliersParts of Dental Implants

parts name of implants

More Specialty of Clinic

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