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Replace Roots Rajkot

Our Replace Root clinic in Rajkot has been a leader in implant placement for over twenty years. Our extensive experience in placing an implant, with patient supervision as our highest priority, makes visiting our practice very accessible. In an informal atmosphere, we are happy to discuss the possibilities for placing an implant with you.

You are very welcome as a new patient. Our goal is to help you maintain your teeth for life. We do this through a combination of high-quality dentistry and a people-oriented approach. You will receive a personalized treatment plan, including a comprehensive cost overview.

We want to welcome you for a consultation with the implantologist to discuss the possibilities. In this consultation, we make an indication of your health. At this moment, your overall health, use of medication, allergies, and medical problems or complications with previously performed dental treatments is discussed.

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Near Airport


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Modern Equipment


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Reasonable Price


At our branch at Rajkot,  we pride ourselves on:

040-tooth-18How Much Do Dental Implants Cost in  Rajkot?

A full mouth dental implant procedure can cost in Rajkot between 450,000 INR and 900,000 INR($6500 to $10000). It also depends upon several factors like Type of Implant, Complexity of the case, and duration of Treatment.

Single Dental implant
Single Basal Implant
Zygoma Implant
‘All-on-4’ dental implants

036-dentist-chairWhy Rajkot  for Dental Implants?

Only Implants Oriented Approach

Our purpose-designed and custom-built clinic in Rajkot lets us provide you best accessories Implants in pleasant, comfortable surroundings.

Most proficient Implant Experts

All of the dentists at Replace Roots in Rajkot are enthusiastic about their work and are focused to delivering you premium-quality dentistry.

Centrally Located

Find us quickly and easily. Replace Roots, is in the middle of Rajkot in the active city Area, within walking distance of near bus stop and other public transports.

Flexible Opening Hours

We are open six days a week, starting at 9:00 am each morning. We also offer late evening dates if you prefer to attend after work.

Latest Technology

We use the latest technology to provide your care, including digital imaging for picture-taking, X-Ray, and teeth shade range.

SMS and Email Appointment Reminders

We like to remind you about your dental dates via SMS and Email except, of course, you'd favor receiving a message or telephone call from us.

Sterilization and hygiene

Are of paramount importance at Replace Roots, Rajkot. We are beset with cleanliness, have a dedicated decontamination room, and follow rigorous guidelines to ensure patient safety.

Kind Staff

Our patients are our highest priority and we hope to win your trust and confidence.

dental implant svg indiaContact us at Rajkot

geo location navigation dental implants indiaCity Dental Clinic,
Dental Implant Center, 1st Floor, Riddhi Siddhi Complex,
Virani Chowk, Vidyanagar Main Rd.Corner,
Rajkot, Gujarat India.

phone - dentist- dental implants indiaPhone +91 94-2822-5282

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drill machine dental implant indiaThe benefit of having  dental implants Highlights


Simple Technique

Minimally Invasive

Immediate Load

procected teeth - dental implants indiareasons why implant treatment is  increasing in Rajkot?

040-tooth-18Our Innovation  in Dental Implants

Acceptability and fame have been achieved through research and design, service, and quality control. The Replace Roots Centre in Rajkot is the most explored, the most famous, and may be considered a reference Clinic.

Currently, there is many of implant systems and components to satisfy most surgical and restorative situations. Modern dental implant systems include a comprehensive array of accurate instruments, components, interactive software, and techniques for the creation of implant recoveries. 

Plan your Dental Implants in India with Replace Roots. Schedule for your next dental appointment at your convenience –anytime, anywhere!

041-tooth-19Stages in Dental Implants

stages in dental implants

016-tooth-pliersParts of Dental Implants

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More Specialty of Clinic

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