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028-certifiedHighly Experienced  Implant Experts

The Replace Roots Group have one of the best certified and most experienced team of implant dentists ever to gather in the India. Replace Roots dental implant experts are passionate about helping you live your life the way you want to. You can count on them to give you the smile you deserve, the ability to eat what you want and teeth that feel and act like your natural ones.

In addition to dental implants, all dentists are experienced in oral surgery and restorative techniques, essential to achieve the highest standard of implant based rehabilitation.

There is a important difference between “dentists who do implants” and “dental implant experts.” Dental implants are not one size fits all – they are complex, sophisticated treatment requiring specialized training and expertise to fit and place properly.

When you looking for best dental implant dentist, you can be confident that you found it.  you’re with an expert who has the extensive education, training and experience required to make sure your dental implant surgery is a successful

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Ask your Dentist before dental implant procedure

  • How many years of experience do you have?
  • How many dental implants do you place?
  • What is your success rates?
  • Your Education and Certification.
  • What steps are involved in the process, and where and by whom are they performed?
  • Pain, Recovery time and treatment time
  • The risk involved in treatment, what is backup plans
  • Do you have any Before and After Pictures of Previous Patients?