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Why Invisalign is Changing the Game in Orthodontics

Everyone knows someone who’s had to have their teeth straightened. Whether it’s for fixing loose/damaged teeth or to realign dentition, the role of orthodontics has never been more crucial to the oral health of UK citizens.

And as you know, the teeth straightening process isn’t new, and the use of braces is already a popular option. But what if you were told there was another option making waves in the dentistry world? And what if you were told that this option is so clear that it’s practically invisible? Yeah, bet you’re curious now. Well, read on to discover how Invisalign is changing the way teeth are getting straightened.

What is Invisalign?

Simply put, Invisalign is a teeth-straightening mechanism with a great twist. Rather than the conventional use of braces, the process includes the involvement of cutting-edge 3D computer imaging technology.

That’s right, the method uses imaging technology to create a final look for your teeth and uses that look as a guide for your treatment. In other words, it’s a process of gradually aligning your teeth till they match the straightened version of your dentition.

How Does It Work and What Makes It So Special?

So you see, Invisalign is quite different from braces and other teeth aligners. What happens here is that Invisalign applies force to specific teeth at a given time to adjust them to fit the right dentition. What that means is that only a select set of teeth are aligned at once.

This makes the process more controlled and easier to adjust to. The method is also widely appreciated thanks to its near invisibility. You could have the Invisalign installed and not a single soul will be able to tell.

So you can say it’s a special tool thanks to its seamless treatment that doesn’t change the outlook of your dentition. At the same time, the material used is thermoplastic, and it fits in with zero pain, ensuring you don’t feel discomfort.

What Does Invisalign Have To Offer To Orthodontics?

1. Improved Ease of Life

Thanks to the nature of the material and method of treatment, you don’t have to deal with metal rubbing against the gum or the issue of them loosening. They can also be removed whenever you feel like it, and with a smooth thermoplastic, it offers a comfortable route to teeth straightening.

2. Virtually Invisible

The thermoplastic material used is clear and so thin you can barely see it when it’s been installed. This gives it the invis-align name and makes it a good fit for people who don’t want to lose their smile.

3. Removes Any Food Restriction

Again, the removable feature of Invisalign means you can eat whatever you want – as long as they’re safe anyway.

4. Improves Gum Health

Unlike braces, they’re not fixed permanently. The fact that they’re removable means you can take them off at night to floss and clean your mouth thoroughly. It’s a great way to readjust your teeth without compromising your oral hygiene.

5. Reduced Dental Visits

When you’re on Invisalign treatment, you don’t have to worry about loose brackets or metals rubbing against your gum. This saves you time and energy spent going to dentist clinics like One Dental for assistance

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