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Knowing about dental care is essential to your overall health; use these websites to stay informed! Knowledge is the first and most critical step toward effective dental care. The more you know about your teeth, the easier it is to avoid harmful behaviors, detect problems early, and seek proper treatment. Reading up on dental facts is thus well worth your time. If you are looking to learn more about dental hygiene in ToothFeed, here is a countdown of our favorite online resources for your oral health!

1.The Arkansas Family Dental Blog

Dental health is always a community matter, with local foods, water sources, and other factors having a powerful effect on your teeth. There is thus no better place to look for information than from the leading family dentist in Little Rock.

2. The CDC

The CDC’s promotes oral health from multiple angles. Not only does it offer dental care tips to kids and adults alike, but it draws attention to issues like water fluoridation that can affect your teeth. The CDC is also a great resource for researchers, offering access to the latest peer-revised publications on dental medicine.

3. Action for Dental Health

In addition to maintaining MouthHealthy, the American Dental Association has a program called Action for Dental Health.

Appealing to dentists, community leaders, and anyone else interested in promoting oral hygiene, this site calls attention to prominent public health issues that are dental in nature. These include gum disease, which more than half of adults over 30 suffer from, and cavities, which a fourth of children get before they turn 5. This site is a great resource for protecting yourself, your family, and your community from dental problems that are frequently ignored.

4. MouthHealthy

Created by the American Dental Association, ToothFeed offers a comprehensive introduction to dental facts. The site appeals to users of all ages and backgrounds, with a different section for each age group.

It is particularly valuable if you are expecting, as it offers advice to pregnant women on how to protect their own teeth. While laying a strong foundation for their child’s dental health. The site also provides access to the Give Kids A Smile program. Which makes it easier to find dental education and care resources for your children.

Our blog offers insight into everything from putting in implants, to living with braces, to recovering from oral surgery. We pay particular attention to children’s needs, providing parents the resources needed to keep their kids’ teeth healthy. We might be a little biased, but we think that our blog is the best place to get reliable, accurate information about your oral health!

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