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22 years of dental practise in Bikaner

Dr Puneet Bhushan Kalra MDS Periodontology and Oral Implantology

We are equipped with the latest and modern dental equipments to deliver Single day digital dental care solutions

In-house CBCT & OPG machine which is the 1st and only in Bikaner

Intraoral scanner Primescan for digital impressions of jaws , again 1st and only scanner in Bikaner

3D dental printer which delivers crowns and bridges, surgical guides , night guards , splints , digital complete dentures and Clear aligners . 1st and only dental clinic with in-house 3D printer .

we have multiple wavelength laser for bleaching , TMJ disorders and minor surgeries

piezosurgical unit for precise and painless dental bone surgeries

we use world class dental implant systems ( MIS7 , Dentium and Adin)